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Trusted email verification tool for catch-all emails.

What's a risky email?
Risky emails can bounce and damage your deliverability, hurting your domain's success.

It's on a catch-all email server where all emails sent to that mailbox are accepted, regardless if the email address actually exists.

For example, if Scrubby's email server was a catch-all, then you could send an email to any email address on's domain such as to and your email would be accepted. However, this email address doesn't actually exist.

SMTP-based tools can't verify risky emails

Whereas SMTP-based email verification tools can confirm that a domain is active, they can't verify if the actual mailbox exists on a catch-all email server. The only way to verify a risky email is to send an actual email.

That's where Scrubby comes in

Scrubby sends actual emails at scale to your recipient list. To increase certainty, our system waits 24 hours before giving you a verified list back as some emails can bounce up to 1 day after sending. The result: 98%+ accuracy.

Double your outreach volume in 3 steps

  • Add
  • Validate
  • Receive

Add risky emails via csv, manually or through our API.

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